Hanover will conduct a survey soon to identify locations that may not be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Members of the Hanover Town Council unanimously approved a contract with Midwestern Engineers Inc. to survey public facilities for possible barriers that could cause issues for residents with disabilities to attend public functions or use public facilities.

Council president Debbie Kroger told other council members that the survey is a requirement for Hanover to apply for future grant applications.

"It's something we've got to do obviously," council member Brett Mitchell said.

The survey conducted by Midwestern Engineers Inc. will include all public and town facilities and areas, including the town hall building, the town park and public sidewalks. The contract will also identify one town employee as Hanover's ADA coordinator.

Town attorney Wil Goering told the council that Madison has already completed the survey, and a few locations were identified to be brought into ADA compliance, including the dog park on Vaughn Drive.

"We'll probably find a few things that need remedied," Goering said.

The survey will allow council members to come up with a plan of how to prioritize and fix compliance issues over the next few years within the town's budgets.

"Every municipality in the state has to do this," Goering said of the survey process after the meeting.

Also during the meeting, Hanover Town Marshall Ron Kroger told council members that police activity was down for the month. The past two months have been below normal as well.

"Activity's still low," he said. "We're kind of skeptical."

Ron Kroger noted the department hadn't seen these low numbers for the past six years, but he expects the department activity to pick up again soon.

In other business:

• Several Hanover residents noticed the increase in water and sewer rates with the most recent billing on Feb. 1. Customers saw a rate increase of $5.78 for 2,000 gallons of water used, $11.13 for 4,000 gallons of water used, and $14.51 for 6,000 gallons of water used.

Several customers saw an increased use of services because of the holidays and school breaks, Debbie Kroger said, while other residents became aware of water leaks. She encouraged customers to call Hanover Town Hall if they feel the charges might be incorrect, or if they suspect a leak.

• Council members approved funding of $4,100 for LifeTime Resources. The agency provides services - including case management, transportation and in-home meals - that allow people ages 60 and older to maintain their independence in their homes. The funding was already in this year's budget.