Indiana State Police are in the process of eliminating the paper application for firearm carry permits. This process will streamline the application process for residents as well as the processing completed by local agencies and the state police.

The electronic application process already existed, but an enhanced version will be available beginning today.

It will no longer be necessary to print a completed application and mail it to the state police for processing. A properly completed firearm license application will be transmitted from the applicant's computer to the proper police agency for approval.

Once approved by the local police authority the application is electronically transmitted to the Indiana State Police Firearms Section for further processing.

Part of the application process includes having a set of fingerprints associated with the license application. While most fingerprints are submitted electronically, some are still submitted on paper fingerprint cards.

As of May 15, only electronic fingerprints will be accepted. As residents complete their application, they will be directed to a list of locations for electronic fingerprinting. There are currently more than 60 locations statewide, serviced by Morpho Trust USA, that provide fingerprint services.

Firearms questions can be directed to the Indiana State Police Firearms Licensing Section. ISP is experiencing a high volume of phone calls.

If you are checking the status of your firearms application, include your full name, date of birth and date that your money order was cashed.

If you have already submitted a firearms application, the following timelines should be anticipated:

• For those using Morpho Trust USA (formerly L-1 Fingerprinting Solutions), a wait of 10 to 12 weeks from the date your money order was cashed can be expected.

• For those submitting paper fingerprint cards and applications, a typical wait is 15 to 17 weeks from the date your money order was cashed.

For the fastest response, state police recommend questions be submitted via email to