The Indiana Department of Education has given local school districts several options to make up days missed because of bad weather.

Madison Consolidated Schools Superintendent Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger said the district is still considering options for how to make up time.

MCS has missed 12 days. One day was made up with an eLearning Day on Monday and Bolinger said the district plans to use the second week of spring break to make up another five days.

Bolinger said she has met with Madison Teachers Association representatives and has a meeting with the district's parent leadership team on Monday.

The district is considering using the two waivers offered by the state along with eLearning Days to make up the additional six days of school.

Bolinger said she hoped to have a recommendation for the school board at its next meeting.

Steve Telfer, superintendent of Southwestern Schools, said to make up the district's 10 missed days, the school would use the remainder of the school's scheduled make-up days which include the first week of spring break and Good Friday. School was also in session on Monday as a snow make-up day.

Telfer said at Tuesday night's school board meeting that the teachers' association has agreed to two professional development days, and that the final day of class would be added to the end of the school year.

The IDOE said schools can change their calendar by rescheduling holidays and pre-established snow flex days. There is also an option for schools to hold professional development days for teachers. Students would not attend those days.

Schools also have the option to add time on weekends and days at the end of the school calendar.

A final option is adding instructional time to each day.

The IDOE also offered waiver options for two snow days earlier this year. If a school used those waivers, school days would not have to be made up.