Jefferson County will be represented by five teams this weekend at the annual Indiana Academic Super Bowl.

Madison Consolidated High School is sending four teams, and Southwestern High School is sending one team to the state scholastic competition.

Teams will be competing in social studies, math, English, science, fine arts and interdisciplinary.

Lee Strassell, co-coordinator of MCHS academic teams and coach of the math team, said the school's social studies, math, English and interdisciplinary teams are all going to state. Math, English and interdisciplinary are also all ranked first in the state.

Strassell said it's the first time he can remember the school sending four teams to state.

"It's big," he said.

"This year the students were very excited about the competition. They prepared for this competition very seriously."

To make state, teams had to place in the top five teams at the area competition that was held in Austin in late April.

Strassell said that while it's difficult to win a state title, expectations for the teams are high.

"We're hoping to bring home a couple state titles. I can't remember the last time we won a state title. It's been a long time," he said.

To prepare, the teams practiced after school two to three hours a week, and five to six hours a week in the time leading up to the Academic Super Bowl.

Susan Wingham, the school's other co-coordinator for academic teams and science team coach, said student's have added practice time outside of school as well.

"We can't practice during the school day, that's not allowable. But, some of the teams actually - I know the math and science teams actually - met on Sundays. I thought that was pretty cool."

Luke Lipps, Mitch Marsh and Kyle Sauley are on the high school's social studies team. The team is coached by Denise Gillette.

The math team is made up of Clark Vaughn, Alex Nunan and Matthew Sedam.

English team members are Emily Luhn, Richelle Cassell, Sydney Studebaker, Lauren Anderson and Cara Walker. Julie Sparks coaches the English team.

The interdisciplinary team is made up of Vaughn, Luhn, Matthew Podczerwinski and Lipps.

Southwestern High School is fielding a science team at the state level this year.

The team's coach, Angy Northern, said the team has been meeting twice a week to prepare for the higher level competition at the state finals.

Students have been giving presentations to the rest of the team about their area of focus.

"Each student took a topic, researched it and presented it to the group and answered questions," Northern said.

The team has also been focusing on a few weak points and trying to bolster the team's knowledge in those areas, Northern added.

This will be the first time Southwestern has sent a science team to the Academic Super Bowl.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do," she said.

Science team members are Rachel Thornton, Brooklynn Phillips, Leo Sutter and Shelby Preston.

On May 3, Shawe Memorial Junior High School students competed in the Junior Division Academic Super Bowl.

The Hilltoppers placed third in math and interdisciplinary, second in science and social studies and first in English. The English team was also the overall winner out of nine area schools.

This is the first year that Shawe has fielded a junior high school team. Members of the English team include Summer Martin, Leigh Anne Gaminde, Katie Hertz and Isaac Bates. The English team is coached by Andie Martin.