Indiana State Police are investigating a former Jefferson County employee over alleged misappropriation of funds.

Prosecutors filed for a special prosecutor earlier this month to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest, according to court records.

Jeremy Mull, chief deputy prosecutor for Clark County, is handling the investigation.

Specific details about the case are not known, and the name of the person being investigated is not revealed in court records.

On Monday, subpoenas were issued by Jefferson Superior Court Judge Alison Frazier for officers to search money located in specific funds.

The funds officers were given permission to search are probation user fees, probation administrative fees, juvenile probation user fees and juvenile probation administrative fees. Officers were also granted a subpoena to search an account linked to a PNC Bank business card.

The timeframe of the investigation into these records is listed as Jan. 1, 2008, until Dec. 31, 2012.