Ryan Moreland
Ryan Moreland
The parents of a Madison man who died from a bath salt overdose filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Needful Things of Madison, alleging the man bought the synthetic drug from the store.

Judge Ted Todd issued an order that froze the assets of Julie Marshall, the owner Needful Things.

Steven W. Moreland and Judy L. Andrew filed the suit in Jefferson Circuit Court against Marshall. They filed suit requesting damages as a result of the death of their 23-year-old son, Ryan Moreland, who died July 21, 2011, at a quarry in Hanover after swimming with friends.

A pathology report from King's Daughters' Hospital from August 2011 listed Ryan Moreland's cause of death as an overdose of methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), or bath salts.There were no other drugs in his system.

"I think the Morelands simply felt something needed to be done about this," said Darrell Auxier, one of the attorneys who is representing Steven Moreland and Andrew. They are also being represented by Jason Pattison.

Todd's order, issued Tuesday, froze the property, bank accounts and vehicles belonging to Marshall. This was done in an effort to keep the assets available for any judgment and to avoid having her dispose of them before a judgment could be ordered.

The order includes three properties: 1111 N. Thompson Road, Marshall's residence; 2910 Clifty Drive, the location of Needful Things Boutique; and 901 E. First St., the location of Needful Things.

Auxier said there is a "special drug dealers liability statute" that allows a judge to issue an order that assets be frozen at the beginning of a case. Auxier and Pattison submitted 28 pages of police reports, lab reports and other documents to support freezing the assets.

Two glass vials found on Ryan Moreland's body contained a white powder that tested positive for MDPV, according to a report from the Indiana State Police lab in Indianapolis. The white powder also contained traces of methylethcathinone, which is not a controlled substance.

Tammy Stewart, who was in a romantic relationship with Ryan Moreland at the time of his death and was at the quarry the day he died, swore in an affidavit that she and Ryan Moreland purchased Atomic, a type of bath salts, from Needful Things Boutique on Clifty Drive on July 20.

Bank statements for Ryan Moreland submitted as a part of court records show a purchase of $42.80 made at the Needful Things Boutique on Clifty Drive on July 20. The bank statement does not say what was purchased at the store.

Marshall could not be reached for comment this morning.