Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance crews plan to chip seal a 5-mile segment of State Road 256 just outside of Madison starting Tuesday.

The work will focus on a section of 256 between State Road 3 and Borcherding Road weather permitting.

Flaggers will direct traffic around moving worksites.

The schedule calls for four days of chip sealing - and two days of fog sealing- along 21 lane miles of State Road 256.

First, liquid asphalt is applied to the roadway.  Then, small chips of limestone aggregate are placed on top. This seals the pavement against moisture and ultraviolet rays, extending service life, restoring surface friction and improving skid resistance.  

The follow-up fog seal further seals the roadway from moisture. At the same time, it secures any loose aggregate and dampens dust from fines.

INDOT strongly advises motorists to drive with caution on roads where chip seal is being applied.