A driver, top, hauls a large steel beam across the work yard under the new approach on the Madison side of the Madison-Milton bridge. The sloped portion of the pier in the background is the beginnings of the walkway that will take pedestrians up to a sidewalk that will connect Madison and Milton when the bridge project is complete. The large yellow form, bottom, gives a clue as to the shape that the top of the piers will have after they are widened to accommodate the wider bridge. Once the old bridge is demolished, each of the remaining piers will be widened before the new bridge is slid into place. The new bridge will have a life expectancy of 75 years. It will have two 12-foot-wide lanes with shoulders. The current bridge has 10-foot wide lanes with no shoulders. The sidewalk will be on the outside of the bridge structure to protect pedestrians from vehicles. (Staff photos by Ken Ritchie)