With three crosses behind him, Pastor Frank McGee of North Madison Baptist Church preaches a Good Friday service on the lawn of the church. McGee used John 12:32 as the focus of his sermon. The verse records Jesus saying that, "When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself."

"I set these crosses in the lawn in hopes of attracting attention and to shed light on what Jesus did for the world at Calvary," McGee said. "The cross is more than a piece of jewelry around our neck. It's a reminder, a symbol of our freedom. It's a reminder of what He did for me."

McGee talked about how Christ's "spiritual magnetism" is what should draw people to Him, rather than a dynamic speaker or an energetic church service or religious bullying.

"People are drawn by Christ's magnetism - His character, His love that he displayed on the cross - people should not be pushed to Him by prodding or shame by others."

McGee concluded with a call to any not-yet-believers to respond to the Gospel for themselves. "If you are feeling drawn in, know that His death wasn't just for mankind in general, but for you if you will trust in His sacrifice in your place on the cross. The offended pays the penalty for the offended." In closing, McGee prayed that area churches will be filled on Sunday with people hearing of the hope of the resurrection. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/kritchie@madisoncourier.com)