Two men accused of beating a state's witness had their bonds lowered Wednesday from $1 million cash to $100,000 cash only.

Dustin C. McFadden, 22, of Madison, and Garry A. Gibson, 47, of Lexington, were arrested in August. Prosecutors charged McFadden and Gibson with several battery charges, the most serious of which is aggravated battery, a Class B felony.

Superior Court Judge Alison Frazier set their bonds at $1 million cash because of the danger she felt they posed to society due to the serious allegations. The case was slated to be heard in Circuit Court, but due to a scheduling issue, the initial hearings for both men had to be held in Superior Court.

Police allege that McFadden and Gibson attacked and assaulted a man who testified in the October 2012 trial of Christopher W. Peelman. Peelman was found guilty of manufacturing methamphetamine and conspiracy to manufacture meth and sentenced to 38 years in prison.

The man McFadden and Gibson allegedly attacked suffered slight brain hemorrhaging, facial swelling, a broken nose and broken orbital bones, according to police.

McFadden requested his bond be lowered to about $1,000 so he could continue working to provide money for his 2-month-old son who is undergoing treatment at Kosair Children's Hospital.

Gibson told the court he has had heart and back problems in the past and he did not feel he was receiving the proper medical treatment at the jail. Gibson said he could afford to pay around $1,500 for his bond.

Circuit Court Judge Darrell Auxier lowered the bonds to $100,000 cash, saying the serious nature of the allegations was why they were not lowered any further.