Joe Craig of Craig Toyota and Rhino Linings, Madison Township Volunteer Fire Company Chief Robert Black, Larry Griffith of RKO Enterprises, Jim Plum of Grote Industries, and Madison Township Volunteer Fire Company Engineer Troy Hawkins, left to right, show off the fire company's refurbished grass fire truck on Friday.

Black said the company decided to refurbish the truck while keeping the original cab and chassis because of cost savings and the ease of maintenance and reliability of the truck itself.

The repairs included a spray on liner that was provided by Rhino Linings to help prevent rust; new LED lighting from Grote, which eliminated the need for a weighty generator that the fire company used for older lighting systems; and a larger capacity tank on the truck from RKO, which increased its capacity from 90 gallons to 200 gallons.

"The community support was a big plus in making everything come together to get this done," Black said. "If they hadn't helped, it couldn't have gotten done." (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/