Madison Police Department Patrolman Josh Abbott will resign from the Madison Police Department, rather than let the merit board decide his future, city officials said Friday.

Abbott, who pleaded guilty Wednesday to three felonies and a misdemeanor that prohibited him from owning a weapon, is expected to submit a letter of resignation to the board prior to Thursday's meeting.

City attorney Joe Jenner said Murielle Bright, Abbott's attorney, indicated Abbott would resign rather than fight the charges.

"At this point in time, the communication I've had is that the intention is the hearing is going to be called off and he's going to resign, but I have not received that letter," Jenner said.

The merit board was scheduled to meet to determine if Chief Dan Thurston could bring departmental charges against the patrolman.

The merit board will still meet Thursday. If a resignation letter is turned in, the board will decide whether or not to accept the resigation, Thurston said. If he has not turned in a resignation letter, the board will still have a hearing on whether or not departmental charges can be filed.

Thurston said Abbott also requested an appeal of the merit board's decision to suspended him without pay before Thursday's meeting. The status of that appeal is unknown.