The Madison Parks and Recreation Board voted to adjust the sign-up fees for the summer Little League golf program

The new league will still charge a $50 sign-up fee, unless the child has already purchased the $100 junior golf pass for summer play. Then sign up fees will be reduced to $25.

The league is for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14.

Sunrise Golf Course pro Jeff Bridgford said he's heard good comments about the program.

Bridgford said the league is for golfers of every skill level.

"If we have 100 kids show up, and 50 have never played before, we'll make it work," he said.

Also at the meeting, Parks Director Dave Stucker said there will be fewer summer jobs for students at Rucker Sports Complex and Crystal Beach Pool.

Stucker said in past years the city hired too many people, and some weren't able to work enough hours.

"We looked at that and, obviously, need to make that change," he said.

In other business:

• Ben Cyrus, a fourth-grader at Lydia Middleton Elementary School, raised $400 for the board to give out as baseball and softball scholarships. The money was enough to create eight scholarships that cover the $50 sign up fees.

"I love baseball," Cyrus said. "I'd hate for someone not to get to play just because of money."

Ben is the son of Cara and Scott Cyrus, and was participating in his "Kindness Matters" project started by his teacher, Mary Kay Dwyer. Dwyer gave each of her students $5 and instructed them to use it to make a difference in another person's life. Ben asked for matching $5 donations for his project.

• Narci Burress announced the Rubber Duck Regatta to be held June 30 at Crystal Beach. Participants can purchase a rubber duck for $5 and have it race down the swimming pool's slide. Burress said she's hoping to have 1,000 people buy ducks. Money will go toward the Regatta, youth programs and the senior center.

The first place duck will win $500, and there will be prizes for the other top four finishers.

• Stucker said there are still spots open for youth baseball and softball. There are six spots open in rookie league baseball and nine spots open in major league baseball. There are also two spots open in major league softball.

• The start of the men's softball season is being delayed until the beginning of June, because the parks department is still looking for teams to sign up. Anyone interested in starting a team can call (812) 493-9840.

• The Starving Artist Art Show at the Brown Gym is being moved from June 14 to June 28 because of a double booking. Entry fees are still $5 to set up a booth.