The City Council's standing committee on fire and health is expected to recommend increasing the monthly trash collection fee.

The current rate is $8 a month. The increase is expected to be between $9.57 and $9.90.

Bob Cooke, who serves as the city's budget coordinator, said an exact figure will be determined before the Feb. 19 City Council meeting.

After the rate is increased, it is expected to stay the same for at least three years, Cooke said.

Trash rates have not changed since 2008. If approved, the new rate would take effect in 2014.

The committee was originally given two numbers to choose from - a high end of $10.26, and a low end of $9.67. The rates were based on a report by accountants from Sherman, Barber & Mullikin who analyzed current trends in the prices and projected them out for three years.

The committee, composed of council members Pete Backus, Rick Berry and Laura Hodges, agreed they wanted to keep the trash rates under $10 a month.

The increase will cover operating expenses for the city and will also set aside money for equipment repairs.

One of the biggest needs for the city is a new garbage truck, which could cost more than $40,000 a year.

Another change the committee recommended is in the compost pickup schedule. Under the new collection schedule, compost would be picked up weekly in May, June and July. It would be picked up on the second and fourth week of the other months.

Under the current schedule, weekly pickup runs from May to September.