The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners will move forward with a plan to renovate the Courthouse annex building to create temporary offices for the county coroner and probation staff.

The plan would be the first step toward renovating the back half of the annex facility to create permanent space for several county offices and eliminate the need for an extra property downtown, which now houses the probation office, the commissioners said.

The annex currently houses the extension office, veteran affairs office and surveyor's office. But later this year or early next year, the extension office will move to a new building at the fairgrounds, freeing up space in the annex.

The proposed renovations would take place after the move.

Veteran Affairs Director Joe DeVito and Surveyor Jeff Daghir on Tuesday presented the commissioners with a preliminary plan that creates temporary space for the probation office and coroner's office with minimal adjustments, none of which are structural.

The renovations would include switching some offices and installing a bathroom. The bathroom is needed for probation office workers to collect urine samples. It would be the biggest part of the project, DeVito said.

Separate from the renovation, the building also would need a police call button for the probation office and a security camera.

The commissioners agreed with the design approach and said they plan to seek quotes for the project.

"I think it's something we can definitely work with," said Commissioner Mark Cash.

In other business:

• The commissioners approved the purchase of a video intercom system for the central dispatch stations. ElectroTek will provide two different systems that each of the three dispatch stations will have access to at a cost of $2,588.

The contract was approved by a 2-0 vote. Commissioner Bob Little abstained.

• The commissioners approved the purchase of 15 new computer systems for the Courthouse at about $15,000. The systems will be used to phase out the older units in the offices.

• The commissioners approved $5,550 for a new 48-portal network switch. The county will use its remaining switch for the new extension office and needs to have a spare available.

• Deputy Auditor Steve O'Rear reported that 95 percent of the county's spring and fall tax bills have been paid.

• The commissioners approved their meeting schedule for next year. There will be two meetings each month. Friday meetings begin at 9 a.m. and Thursday meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. The final meeting dates in November and December will be Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Meeting dates are: Jan. 10 and 23, Feb. 7 and 20, March 7 and 20, April 4 and 17, May 2 and 22, June 13 and 26, July 11 and 24, Aug. 8 and 21, Sept. 5 and 18, Oct. 3 and 23, Nov. 14 and 25, Dec. 12 and 23.