A former Hanover College student, who was arrested for stabbing a fellow student after an altercation, was sentenced to two years in prison Thursday.

Demetrius Jones, 22, of Columbus, pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness, a Class D felony. Jones is also required to pay $3,156.35 in restitution.

Jones was arrested in October 2011 after he broke into a dorm room and stabbed Vincent Johnson. Authorities said the altercation happened as the result of an incident that occurred at a fraternity party earlier in the night.

Jones originally pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness as a Class C felony in July. During his sentencing hearing a month later, prosecutors requested a continuance to further discuss plea negotiations.

"After speaking with the victims and family of the victims at the first sentencing hearing, the victims and all parties agreed that this would be the best resolution for justice," Prosecutor Chad Lewis said.

Prosecutors hoped to strike a balance between a fair punishment for the crime while at the same time making it so Jones could pursue future employment.

Prior to his arrest, Jones was studying at Hanover College with aspirations of becoming a math teacher. If he had a felony conviction on his record, Jones would not have been able to be employed as a teacher.

Three years from today, as long as Jones has stayed out of trouble and has paid restitution, the court will drop the charge to a Class A misdemeanor.