The Indiana Department of Education released ISTEP scores to the families of students Monday but is still working on tallies for schools and school districts.

Problems arose last spring when students across the state experienced computer problems while taking the standardized test. A report released in July found that nearly 80,000 students between third and eighth grade experienced problems while testing.

Madison Consolidated Schools Superintendent Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger said many teachers were able to minimize problems that arose.

"I don't know that we saw huge problems or issues. Our teachers were really excellent at identifying students who were struggling. So I don't think we saw any major problems, like other areas did."

MCS Director of Learning Katie Jenner said while the results of the test are important to schools, students and teachers, results are only part of how students and teachers are evaluated.

"It seems like so many times people think of ISTEP as the be-all, end-all, and our teachers use multiple data points to determine how they can improve their instruction and their student learning."

As the state works on assembling data, Jenner said the school will work on breaking it down to classrooms and students to determine where they can change or improve curriculum.

"We are definitely thrilled to be looking at that data," Jenner said. "The number one reason we're ready to take a look at that data is to determine how we can improve our teaching and learning for students."

Jenner plans on giving a presentation on the district's testing data at the November board meeting.

Test scores are available at: