Gary D. Jackson, 59, was sentenced to four years in prison Friday after being convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Earlier this month, a 12-member jury found Jackson guilty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and being a habitual substance offender. The jury was hung on a charge of operating a vehicle with a lifetime suspension.

Indiana State Police arrested Jackson in February after observing him driving erratically on a motorized scooter. Officers discovered Jackson was intoxicated.

One of the most aggravating factors, according to Special Judge James Morris, was Jackson's lengthy criminal history. Since 1973, Jackson has had several alcohol-related and violence-related arrests, including a 2006 arrest for a battery resulting in death.

Jackson also showed unwillingness to work with probation or community corrections. Prosecutors requested Jackson spend the maximum time in prison.

"He's shown by history he's rejected all attempts to help him with his mental health and his alcohol issues," Chief Deputy Prosecutor D.J. Mote said. "We don't see any other options here (other than prison)."

The maximum sentence Jackson faced was eight years, which he felt he did not deserve.

"I don't deserve no eight years," he said, pleading for a shorter sentence. "I didn't kill nobody, I didn't hurt nobody, I didn't hurt no property."

Jim Spencer, Jackson's attorney, agreed that a short sentence would be the most appropriate.

"I personally believe with a one-year maximum sentence on the driving while intoxicated case, a lengthy, lengthy sentence on the offender status would be unconscionable," Spencer said.

After the sentence was announced, Jackson said he will appeal the judge's decision.