The Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club will be celebrating the annual Boys & Girls Club Week starting Saturday and running through Friday, May 24, with a variety of special events and activities throughout the week.

Executive Director, Ray Black, Jr. said that "The club and its members have a lot to celebrate as we have had a really GREAT year with lots of accomplishments and recognition for our members, staff and club!"

The main event of the week is the "Awards Night" which will be held Tuesday with all of the major awards being presented to the club's members and its volunteers. Some of the main prizes includes: Boy of the Year, Girl of the Year, Six Scholarships, the "Chip Cox Memorial" Volunteer of the Year, the "Tony Dattilo Sportsmanship" award, the Jerry K. Weinberg Leadership" awards, the "Sons of the American Legion Patriotism" award, the "Alumni of the Year" award and many others will be given out.

Some of the major accomplishments for the past year involve the club's staff.

Administrative Assistant and Mitch's Kids Director, Brandi Poling was awarded the BGCA's "Midwest Administrative Assistant of the Year" award presented at the Midwest Leadership Conference in Indianapolis last May, the top award for Boys & Girls Clubs of 14 different states.

Long-time staff member, Daniel Marksberry was presented the Boys & Girls Clubs of America "Champion of Youth" award for more than 25 years of service at the local Club.

Ray Black, Jr., the executive director of the local club for almost 30 years was presented with the "Maytag Dependable Leader" Award which gives the Club a $20,000 special grant to help the club be more accountable and to help improve the safety for its members.

Some of the activities and programs that have helped club members to "be great" include: The club has helped improve test scores and grades for members from low-income families with the "Mitch's Kids" program, helping some members improve their grades at school by one or more letter grades. The club offered over 2,700 free lunches to the children and families of the community and provided over 14,460 free snacks to its members. During this past program year, the club provided after school care and programs to over 249 children per day and currently has over 80 children signed up for its upcoming Summer Child Care program starting on June 3.

Each year, the club serves over 2,600 children, families and senior citizens with over 80 programs, special events and activities. Some of the additional activities includes; the Chelsea BassMasters Fishing Tournament, Golf Scrambles, Annual Dinner/Auction, basketball programs that serve over 500 members a year, a wrestling program that includes over 250 children a year, its T-Ball program that helps 200 children learn the basics of baseball and softball, Mitch's Kid with almost 100 children served and the Club helped over 400 children with scholarships, Christmas Shopping Spree for the Needy, participation fees and free snacks and lunches, etc.

The Club is a Jefferson County United Way agency.