In the coming weeks, Madison Consolidated Schools will face a decision on how it will provide educational services to its special needs students.

At next month's school board meeting, the board is expected to discuss and vote on a separation agreement with the Madison Area Educational Special Services Unit.

The vote was posted on the board's agenda for tonight's meeting, but the issue is more than likely being tabled until July, said School Board President Todd Bass.

If the board does vote to dissolve the relationship with the SSU, the school district will have to provide its own special needs education services.

"There will be no gap between services if we decide to do this," Bass said. "It will be seamless."

The school district has worked with the SSU for more than 40 years.

In December 2012, the board approved a notice of intent to withdraw from the SSU. The move allows Madison to leave the program on June 30 of this year. Without the notice, Madison would have been contractually tied to SSU for two more years.

The school board has looked into withdrawing from SSU in the past. In recent years, two different studies have been done to evaluate the best way to provide services for special needs students.