Mad City CrossFit Team One hurries down Main Street during the 2012 Madison Regatta bed race Tuesday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)
Mad City CrossFit Team One hurries down Main Street during the 2012 Madison Regatta bed race Tuesday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)
Mad City CrossFit Team One out ran four other teams Tuesday to win bragging rights as the 2012 Madison Regatta bed race champions.

The bed race, sponsored by Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corp., featured five teams racing against each other on Main Street. Teams from Rivertown Chiropractic, the Indiana Department of Correction, IKEC, Mad City CrossFit Team One and Mad City CrossFit Team Two competed against one another in double-elimination heats. 

Mad City CrossFit Team One remained undefeated throughout the three preliminary heats before the championship run and continued its winning streak during the championship run, which matched both Mad City CrossFit teams against each another. The five runners of the winning team earned a $300 prize to go to their choice of local charities. The group chose Habitat for Humanity as their charity.

The race could have turned out differently.

Aaron Heath of Vevay and his wife took their granddaughter to the bed race to watch their daughter compete on the Mad City CrossFit Two team. He described in a letter to the editor what happened:

"In one of the heat races, the team that my daughter was on had to go against a team from Indiana Department of Correction. The Mad City CrossFit Team Two (which my daughter was on) easily outran the IDOC team for the win. However, it was announced a few minutes later that the Mad City Team Two had been disqualified due to crossing an 'out of bounds' line that nobody knew about and the winner of the heat was the IDOC team.

"What happened next was something that really showed a lot of class and sportsmanship on the part of the IDOC team," Heath wrote. "The IDOC team quietly went to the officials of the race and told them to let the Mad City Team Two keep the win because they were beaten fair and square by them, and they didn't know about the out-of-bounds line either. This was a very good example of good sportsmanship that you don't see too often anymore, that I think says a lot about the character of the people on the IDOC team."

The bed race events began with a parade of teams as each of the five teams prepared the audience - and themselves - with warm-up stretches and skits. During the awards ceremony at the end of the event, the Indiana Department of Correction won $200 to give to local charities for its "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"-themed Parade of Teams presentation. The team chose to give $100 of its prize to the Jefferson County Animal Shelter and $100 to Habitat for Humanity.

During the competition, each team raced one block of Main Street before switching one racer for the rider on the bed and racing back to the start line near Main and Walnut streets. The teams used beds on wheels with hand brakes for the rider during the race, and a coin toss determined which team raced which of the two beds down the street. 

Mad City CrossFit Team Two placed second. The Rivertown Chiropractic team placed third. The Indiana Department of Correction and the Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corp. teams lost out earlier in the event during double-elimination rounds. The 2012 bed race was the second year for Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corp. to donate $500 to the race winner's charity of choice.