A Madison man who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture meth will serve 10 years in prison.

Barry Siemon, 44, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Darrell Auxier on Wednesday morning with no time suspended.

Siemon had pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to manufacture meth, a Class B felony. In his plea, Siemon said that he and another man intended to manufacture meth at his home at 615 W. Fourth St.

Police arrested Siemon at the home in March 2012 after Madison Police Department officers and Clark County Sheriff's Office deputies went there to investigate a burglary that had occurred in Clark County.

Court records show that no charges stemmed from the investigation in Clark County, and Siemon had no prior criminal convictions.

According to the affidavit from the case, officers saw a glass smoking device lying on aluminum foil and got consent to search the residence. They found other items used for the manufacture of meth, including a plastic bottle with a "granular substance" at the bottom, coffee filters, empty pseudoephedrine boxes and tubes, the affidavit said.