The owner of the River Mill development at the old cotton mill on Vaughn Drive has approached the city about off-site parking.

Mayor Damon Welch said Tuesday that several areas were talked about and Jaycee Park on Vaughn Drive might have been one of them, but "nothing has changed as far as Jaycee Park."

The owner brought up parking because he has a potential investor who brought it up, Welch said.

The park was dismantled to make room for bridge contractor Walsh Construction to use the land for its trailer and for worker parking, but Walsh is to rebuild a park there after the bridge is finished next year.

Welch said he made no commitment, except that the city stands ready to help.

"We said if something comes to fruition, we'll definitely help out with parking, anything we can do," Welch said. "We would help them in any way we can. All we're doing is staying in the loop with him (owner Bob Przewlocki). Parking is something that would have to be looked at. If you brought in a hotel, a little convention center hotel, you would need parking."

Przewlocki and a former business partner bought the building, also called the Meese building, in June 2007 and said that in eight years they would turn it into a housing and retail center called Rivermill Resort. The next year, he said it probably would be a three-year project.

The Meese property, which includes the main building and several smaller buildings, is on six acres at Vaughn Drive and St. Michael's Avenue. Also included in the property is land on the south side of Vaughn Drive between the sidewalk and the Ohio River.

Some of the windows of the main building were removed, restored and replaced, but little else has been done outside.