An endowment that would to help area children attend city events could soon be established.

Madison's Parks Board on Wednesday discussed raising funds to set up an endowment for children in Jefferson County who are unable to attend local events, like the Madison Regatta or a summer sports league because of the costs.

David Stucker, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, said the funds would be there to make sure children can enjoy events, without feeling left out.

"We want to establish these funds to help the youth of our county," Stucker said Thursday.

They are looking at the possibility of working with the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County to establish the endowment.

Stucker said the idea is still in the early stages of development and needs more time.

"We're still getting it organized," he said.

The board also discussed recent weather that has been affecting many events at local parks so far this summer. A majority of the conversation focused on the rain, and how it has impacted events at Crystal Beach and Sunrise Golf Course.

"It's affecting things with other sports. Our baseball and softball teams are having trouble with getting rained out," Stucker said. "It's affecting swim lessons and water aerobics too."

Stucker said the rain is good for Sunrise Golf Course, but it can affect play.

The next meeting of the Parks Board will be at 5:30 p.m. on July 31 at City Hall.