The special prosecutor handling a pending Madison Police Department investigation revealed a few details of the case Friday.

Barry Brown, a senior prosecutor from Monroe County, acknowledged he is handling the case and has reviewed the police report.

The allegations in question surround a July 20 traffic stop made by a Madison Police Department officer.

"The gist of the case involves the discovery of marijuana in very small quantities (possessed) by the son of, or someone associated with the son of, a local judge," Brown said.

After the discovery of the marijuana, the officer called the judge - who Brown did not address by name, but did refer to as "she" - to inform her of the situation. Brown said the judge went to the scene of the traffic stop at that time. He provided no further details of what transpired at the scene of the traffic stop.

Brown said the amount of marijuana found was a very small quantity - "quantities I probably wouldn't find criminal," he said.

Chief Dan Thurston said the police department will have no comment on the case because it is an ongoing investigation.

Brown said he still needs to meet with any officers who were involved with the incident. After reviewing all the evidence, Brown said he will file a final report with the court.

Prosecutor Chad Lewis filed a motion for a special prosecutor on Aug. 2. In that filing, Lewis said the investigation involves possible violations of state laws regarding possession of marijuana, obstruction of justice and manners for disposing of evidence.