The Department of Education has labeled 2013 the year of the digital learner, and Madison Consolidated schools is taking the opportunity to showcase how technology is being used in the classroom.

Rykers' Ridge Elementary will host an iPad pilot program open house from 6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

"Over at Rykers' Ridge they've had an iPad pilot all year.  Students K-5 have had individual iPads used for class work and curriculum," technology director Lisa Cutshall said.

Cutshall said teachers from other districts and buildings without iPad programs will visit the school during the day. Children from the school will show the teachers how they use their iPads in class.

"This is sort of the future of the way education looks," Cutshall said. "It's not the classroom that we adults remember going through. The landscape of education has changed dramatically. It's become more inclusive of technology. It's become more personalized and mobile."

She added that these devices are something that students will be dealing with the rest of their lives either in the workplace or as they enter levels of higher education.

Beyond that, mobile devices like iPads have made it easier for teachers to tailor curriculum to individual students.

"We're giving a glimpse of how we're teaching and personalizing the environment in the classroom," she said. "It's maximizing potential."