Even Santa needs a little help now and then. That's why folks such as veteran postman Ken Schneider make such a difference at Christmastime.

Schneider was making deliveries on the 600 block of West Main Street in Madison on Christmas Eve. He said it was a heavier load of deliveries this year than previous Christmas Eve's, both in parcels and letters.

Carrying for more than 16 years with the United States Postal Service, Schneider has some fun memories.

"I used to deliver on Christmas Day," he said. "My family didn't like having me gone that day, but I was popular at every house I delivered to."

Schneider said that the holiday workload doesn't end on Christmas Eve. Packages and letters will be delivered all week from people who waited a little too long to ship. "If you are close to Christmas Day, you're better off going with our Express Mail or Priority Mail," he said. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)