An economic development committee formed with members representing Madison, Hanover and Jefferson County plans to have an interlocal agreement in place within six months.

The Advanced Collaboration Team (ACT) met for the first time Thursday night, with the development of an interlocal agreement being their main goal. The interlocal agreement would establish an economic development council.

ACT is an independent group that is currently made up of three members, including Chairperson Larry Wynn, a member of the County Council; Vice Chairperson Debbie Kroger of the Hanover Town Council; and Citizens Advocate Pete Backus of the City Council.

A fourth member from the County Commissioners was invited, however the commissioners did not send a representative.

"We've got to rely on everybody coming together on this," Wynn said. "We need citizens stepping forward. Everybody working together. That's the common goal."

The interlocal agreement talks began earlier this month when the City Council unanimously approved exploring an agreement with the county and town of Hanover. The County Council and Hanover Town Council came on board after the city's vote passed.

The ACT members plan to work diligently to reach a decision on an interlocal agreement within the six-month timeframe.

"Our goal is to meet every two to three weeks until we either accomplish what we set forth to do here, or we reach an impasse where it's obvious that it's not going to work. We're not here to drag things out for eternity. That's already been done," Wynn said.

Kroger added that she thought six months should be enough time, given their goals.

"We're just saying we're going to work together," she said.

The group went on to ask for help from the audience, to get the community involved.

"The people in the communities have the great ideas," Wynn said.  "We need for them to bring them to the forefront."

Kroger said she's like to get as many people to each meeting as possible.

"I'd like it to be standing-room only," she said.

Once an interlocal agreement is reached, Wynn said, and an economic development council is formed, it's the goal of the group to have the community help drive the group.

"We need to get everybody involved. That's imperative," Wynn said.

The next ACT meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 18.