City Building Inspector Mark Johnson told the City Council this week that the parapets - a fire wall protection - between 100 W. Main St. and 108 W. Main St. are pulling apart, which could cause the roof to collapse.

Over time, weather and moisture have made the bricks expand and contract, Johnson said, making them pull apart.

"It's due to old bricks and a lack of maintenance," he said.

After speaking with a stone mason, Johnson said the building is not 100 percent stable, but that it should be OK if repairs are made quickly.

"Right now, we just hope and pray we don't have any real strong storms," he said. "That might just push it a little bit more."

Johnson said he is working with building owner Paul Staublin to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

"We've got to take care of that building or we're going to lose it," Johnson told council members Tuesday.

The city has blocked off the sidewalk in front of the two Main Street buildings as a safety precaution. Johnson said that portion of the sidewalk will remain closed until repairs are made.

Johnson said the problem was discovered after a leak was found in the shared wall between the buildings.

The issue is common among older buildings, Johnson said.

"I imagine some of these other buildings could have the same thing happen eventually," Johnson said.

Madison Coffee and Tea is located at 100 W. Main St., but the business is currently closed for remodeling. The building also has apartments on the second floor. There is no business currently housed at 108 W. Main St.