Police arrested a Madison woman after Walmart store officials say she attempted to walk out the door with two shopping carts full of merchandise on Saturday.

Megan A. Lock, 24, of Madison, faces a count of felony theft after Walmart officials called police to report a shoplifter taking more than $1,300 worth of items from the store without paying.

Prosecutors filed the Level 6 felony charge against Lock in Jefferson Superior Court on Monday.

Store officials told police Lock had attempted to leave the store with three carts full of merchandise twice before, court records said, but she had been told by a greeter that she needed a receipt before leaving through the grocery entrance.

Walmart officials told officers that Lock went toward the store's pharmacy after the second attempt to exit the store where she combined the items from the three carts into two carts before attempting to leave through the general merchandise doors.

After Lock walked passed all points of sale, Walmart officials stopped her in the vestibule area.

Lock told store officials she was walking to the vestibule where she planned to meet her grandmother to get a card to pay for the merchandise in her carts, the probable cause affidavit said.

When officials talked with Lock's grandmother, she said she and Lock's daughter had been waiting in the car. According to the grandmother, Lock was supposed to go inside to pay for a prescription and other merchandise totaling about $200 to $300.

Lock told police she did not intend to steal the merchandise and did not know it was illegal to walk past the first set of doors at Walmart because she was not completely leaving the building by going into the vestibule, the affidavit said.

Lock claimed she usually does her shopping and pays for the items with her grandmother's card, but she had given the card back to her grandmother. Lock said she believed her grandmother and her daughter would be waiting for her in the vestibule near the "teddy bear machine" where she could get the card and pay for the items.

Police arrested Lock after the incident and took her to the Jefferson County Jail. She was released Sunday on a $1,000 cash bond.