A Madison man remains in jail and faces multiple felony charges following an alleged incident where he held another man against his will.

Mario C. Johnson-Hollins, 23, faces a Level 3 felony charge of criminal confinement, Level 5 felony counts of carrying a handgun without a license and intimidation, a Level 6 felony charge of possession of a legend drug without a prescription and a Class A misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana.

At approximately 12:50 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7, Madison Police patrolman Aaron Watson was parked in a lot in the 2600 block of Michigan Road when two speeding vehicles passed. Watson proceeded to make a traffic stop on the second vehicle at the nearby Circle K gas station at the corner of Clifty Drive and Michigan Road.

According to court records, Watson approached the driver’s side of the vehicle as Julius J. Peasant stuck his head out saying, “I need to tell you what’s going on.” At this time, Watson saw that the first vehicle to speed by on Michigan Road had also pulled into the gas station. Johnson-Hollins exited the second vehicle and entered the gas station.

Peasant told Watson that he was at Johnson-Hollins’ roommates’ house earlier that day. Peasant said some marijuana came up missing and that the two roommates believed he’d taken it. According to Peasant, Johnson-Hollins said that no one was leaving until “this gets worked out.” Peasant told them he hadn’t taken anything and got up to leave when, he said, Johnson-Hollins stood up and grabbed a gun in his waist band. He did not pull out the gun, Peasant said, but made sure it could be seen.

Again, court records state, Peasant told Johnson-Hollins he wanted to leave and was not allowed to.

Officer Shawn Scudder arrived on scene and the two officers approached Johnson-Hollins to discuss the situation. He told officers he didn’t know why Peasant would tell them he had a gun, but that the two had encountered each other earlier. He told officers that Peasant stole something from his friend and that he “stood up for him.”

Johnson-Hollins would not tell officers what had been stolen from his friend.

When officers asked if they could search the vehicle he was driving, Johnson-Hollins told them he didn’t feel comfortable as the car was not in his name.

Scudder could see the back side of a gun under the passenger seat.

Johnson-Hollins was placed in handcuffs and Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy Joshua Cochran arrived with his K-9 partner to perform a search of the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, a camouflaged 40-caliber high-point firearm was found with one bullet in the magazine. Also found was a small amount of marijuana and 126 prescription Seroquel pills in an unlabeled bottle.

Johnson-Hollins was transported to the Jefferson County Jail. During an initial hearing Monday in Jefferson County Circuit court, Johnson-Hollins entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

He remains in jail with a cash bond set at $30,000.