Carroll County and Kentucky State Police officials arrested 12 people Tuesday for failure to pay child support.

Law enforcement officials arrested about half of the people they hoped to find during the round-up.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Carrollton Police Department and Kentucky State Police found 12 of the 25 people wanted on outstanding warrants.

The subjects of the round-up had been selected by the Carroll County Attorney's Office for failing to provide financial support for their children, a Carroll County Sheriff's Office release said.

The round-up took officers throughout Carroll, Owen, Trimble, Henry, Oldham and Gallatin counties, but all of the people arrested were found in Carroll County.

Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman said that flagrant non-support is a crime, and law enforcement will make arrests whenever warrants are issued for parents who do not pay court-ordered child support.

"When you're ordered to pay child support, you need to make the effort to pay it and help take care of your children," Kinman said in the press release.

Arrested were: Joseph Beach, 37, of Sanders; George Hoover III, 24, of Carrollton; Joseph Botkins, 34, of Carrollton; William J. Craig, 34, of Carrollton; Gary A. Simmons, 36, of Sanders; Chad Easton, 33, of Carrollton; Kenneth Bartram, 44, of Carrollton; Sandra Sanchez, 41, of Carrollton; Erica J. Zimmer, 29, of Carrollton; Mellissa Mertz, 37, of Carrollton; Jamie Sachleben, 33, of Sanders; and William Burchfield, 28, of Milton.

All of the people arrested during the round-up were charged with flagrant non-support, a Class D felony. They were lodged in the Carroll County Detention Center.

Law enforcement officials are still looking for 13 other people that have warrants out for their arrest because of flagrant non-support.