Madison police arrested four people earlier this week after police said they stole a jewelry display case.

Police said three people entered El Camino, 901 Lanier Drive, and distracted an employee while another walked out with the case.

Police received a description of the vehicle that left the store. Capt. Keith Hartman with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department stopped the vehicle on East Second Street.

Police Chief Dan Thurston said Patrolman James Lee, who responded to the initial call, found an empty display case on the side of the road on Michigan Road Hill.

The vehicle was occupied by Tianna Klann, 26, of Dupont; Michael Cole, 27, of Versailles; James Maloney Jr., 27, of Holton; and Tanya Caudill, 19, of Holton.

Klann and Caudill took the jewelry inside a convenience store to hide it, Thurston said.

Police said Caudill had a hypodermic needle in her purse.

All four were arrested on charges of theft and criminal conversion. Caudill also faces a charge of possession of a hypodermic needle. Cole also faces a charge of driving while license suspended with a prior conviction.