Erin Gonterman displays the words “Just Did It” atop her mortarboard at the TCHS graduation ceremony on Saturday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/
Erin Gonterman displays the words “Just Did It” atop her mortarboard at the TCHS graduation ceremony on Saturday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/
Trimble County High School graduated 79 seniors during a ceremony Saturday morning.

Parents, family and friends took photos and cheered as graduates wearing blue and gold gowns walked down the aisle two-by-two during the ceremony.

After the musical selection of "Siciliana" by Brittany Garrison, Trimble County High School Principal Rachael Adams welcomed family, friends and special guests.

"Graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter and the end of 13 years of commitment," Adams said.

Adams spoke of the achievements of the graduating class - academically and athletically. She also spoke of the values students have learned from their parents and throughout their school careers. Adams said the community taught students to help others, to embrace others that may be different from themselves and to value hard work.

"Indeed, you are ready to go out into the world, not only to find your way, but to make a difference," Adams said. "You are ready because you are from Trimble County."

Class president Donna Lewis recognized parents and family members who have always supported the students. Lewis acknowledged the teachers - and then offered an apology.

"I sincerely apologize for all the times we locked you out of your classrooms," Lewis said. "I'm sorry to the middle school teachers who we convinced that there were birds in the gym and made you look for them."

She went on to apologize for the entire class sent to the principal's office and for other tactics students used to get teachers off task during the last 13-years.

"Thank you for being patient and putting up with us," she said. "But these childish days are behind us and apologizes have turned into praise. I do not apologize for where we are today and who we have become."

Lewis continued to list the Class of 2014's achievements, including having four Governor's Scholars, students being awarded nearly $900,000 in scholarships, and other athletic victories this year.

"I can definitely tell you that I am not sorry for the great group of men and women I see sitting in front of me today," she said.

Lewis went on to encourage her classmates to take the world on and never turn down an opportunity to learn. She also asked them not to let go of a dream when something seems impossible and to rise above.

Adams recognized two students as Seniors of the Year during the ceremony before diplomas were awarded. Those students were Christian Apel and McKenna Ginn.

After the presentation of diplomas, Lewis began the annual tradition of the tassel turn. Lewis turned the tassel of one student in each of the student sections, which began a chain-reaction of hugs and congratulations passed down the aisles.

Graduates of Trimble County's Class of 2014 are:

Kimberly Nicole Abbett, Christian David Apel, Amy Renee Ashcraft, Corey Wayne Bailey, Conner Marshall Ball, Conner Jacob Beard, Zackery Richmond Beard, Hailey Danielle Beatty, Aren Paige Black, Whitney Eileen Boatman, Lissian Isabella Boldery, Courtney Lynn Bradley, Taylor Scott Bromwell, Courtney Breeann Buchanan,

Alexandria Danielle Cissell, Amber May Clark, Travis Scott Clark, Reed McDaniel Clifford, Marcus Christian Cooley, Olivia Nicole Cooley, Charlton Marie Davis, Cody Layne Dean, Devin Joseph Drury, Brooklyn McCall Duke, Jessie Dawn Dunlap, Juliann Sierra Dunlap, Jesse Karr Durand, Tori Jo Durand,

Benjamin Eugene Evridge, Brittany Morgan Garrison, Bradley Taylor Ginn, Kiersten Breanne Ginn, McKenna Clay Ginn, Erin Elizabeth Gonterman, Nicholas Alexander Graves, Michael Dean Hale, Micah Louise Hess, Gage Logan Holmes,

Carl Dylan Lake, Joshua Alden Larrison, Alexandra Kate Lawhorn, Caitlyn Alanna Lawson, Austin Preston Leach, Donna Gene Lewis, Jacob Andrew Lindon, Aaron Daniel Lloyd, Savannah Grace Moore, Ruben Austin Morales, Rachel Marie Moreland, Logan Nicole Morgan, Meaghan Elizabeth Morgan, Isaac Thomas Mounce, Kelsey Sophia Mullikin, Taylor Leigh Murray,

Samantha Joyce Nolot, Alyssa Aspen Osborne, Colton Bennett Perry, Heather Nicole Puckett, Tyler David Reed, Olivia Grace Rexroat, Jacob Clay Richmond, Tabbatha Ann Rison, Tray Robert Robbins, Leebria Marie Sammons, Ronald Scott Sammons, Erica Michelle Selmer, Tanner Charles Spillman, Blake Alexander Spurr,

Tevin Scott Taylor, Ashley Rose Thomas, Haley Michelle Weist, Kelsey Ho Willett, Kevin Blake Winburn, Whitney Danae Wingham, Jade Donavan Winstead, Ryan Christopher Wright, Johnny Allen York, Andrew Norman Young.