The Salvation Army will once again provide Christmas assistance of toys and clothing through the Angel Tree program.

Families and individuals without children also will have an opportunity to sign up to receive a grocery gift card to help with holiday food expenses.

Last year, the Salvation Army provided Christmas assistance to nearly 400 people with food, toys and/or clothing.

The sign-ups will be held at the Salvation Army, 331 E. Main St., on Wednesday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m.

To receive assistance, applicants need to provide:

A state-issued photo identification, proof of Jefferson County residency (such as a current bill or other official letter - junk mail will not be accepted), Social Security cards or birth certificates for all household members, proof of income or FSSA case number (if applicable).

Those signing up also can provide sizes and gift ideas for each child receiving gifts through the Angel Tree program.

In order to make sure each family has enough, the Salvation Army will not be able to help families who are receiving Christmas assistance from another organization.

The Salvation Army can be reached at (812) 265-2157 or by visiting