Madison’s Board of Zoning Appeals Monday cleared the way for a golf cart sales business to locate in the 100 block of Cragmont Street but tabled an application seeking a setback variance to allow up to two garages to be constructed with a common wall in the 200 block of West Second Street.

The golf cart sales business, MPP Rentals LLC, will sell used and refurbished golf carts by appointment only in a small former manufacturing building at 110 Cragmont St., where the city street dead ends and the Heritage Trail property begins.

The business has been before various other local regulatory boards and was granted BZA approval Monday — the main point of concern being a lack of handicapped parking in the area. However, an apartment complex is being developed in the former Tower Manufacturing site nearby with a focus on senior housing so the board was satisfied that the city will surely locate adequate handicapped parking in the area as part of that project.

The board took a much closer review of an application by local Realtor Jim Pruitt seeking a setback variance at 214 and 216 West Second Street to facilitate construction of an accessory building or garage behind both homes. Pruitt said he was selling the homes and wanted to secure the applications in order to be able to market the property with added potential of being able to build a larger garage than would be allowed based on normal property setbacks. Agreeing to share a wall would allow more space for construction or setbacks from other adjoining properties.

The property had come before the Planning Commission earlier on Monday when owner Chris Harper had asked for and received permission to divide a larger lot he owns into four parcels to be sold to adjoining property owners to provide off street parking and possible garages for those homes. Harper said he had commitments on three of the four parcels with Pruitt apparently the party interested in two of the four.

But while the Planning Commission OK’d Harper’s application, the Zoning Appeals Board said it needed additional time to study the proposal and have attorney Devon Sharpe research the legality of approving a setback for a proposed future use rather than for an actual project with applications on file.

Zoning Appeals board member Nancy Burkhardt said she “didn’t like the precedent” of approving an application for someone other than the property owner who will plan and execute the project and board member Rick Ferris said he did not like “leaving the application open ended.”

Pruett said he could build the garages himself before selling the homes but would prefer not to do that and he was just trying to be “proactive rather than reactive” for the next property owner.

Sharpe said one issue is that by approving the setback now for a structure that might not be built for months or years could allow the project to be “lost track of” in terms of completion and offered to do more research to help ease the board’s concerns.

Board chairman Scott Baldwin tabled the application until next month to allow that study.

“I’m with Mrs. Burkhardt that this could really open us up to no telling what,” Baldwin said.

In other business, the BZA approved a conditional use permit for an apartment complex at 2219, 2223, 2225, 2227 and 2213 Michigan Road. The complex has been there as apartments for more than 40 years but Indiana Apartment Holdings LLC needed the permit update for a loan application. Citing a past record of compliance and recent improvement to the facility, the board agreed to issue the permit for as long as the company owns the property.