(Submitted photos)
(Submitted photos)
Members from Madison's Calvary Baptist Church brought something different with them on a recent trip to Camatin, Haiti.

In addition to needed supplies and shoes to help the people of the impoverished nation, they also brought along a digital printer.

Using smartphones, the seven travelers took pictures of the people they met and gave them copies of the photos.

"We took it, but we didn't know how it would go over for sure," said Tony Kummer, one of the Calvary travelers. "It was instantly a huge deal for them."

Kummer said some of the Haitian children and young adults have Facebook pages and flip-phones that can take grainy digital pictures, but few have high-quality pictures of themselves or family members.

The visitors took family and individual photos of many of the people they met.

"The teens loved it," Kummer said. "Some of the teen girls would run home and change clothes three or four times."

The group's translator said quality pictures would be too costly for most of the residents.

"They don't have anything like that," Kummer said. "So, if Grandma dies, no one has a picture of her. And it's harder to remember what she looked like in a few years."

Ben Newell, Kevin Scharlau, Tony Kummer, David Kummer, Jason Anderson, Nathan Anderson and Ken Critchlow made the trip to Haiti.