Bedford City Commissioners plan to move forward with legal action concerning a nuisance ordinance violation inside the city limits.

Commissioners agreed to let city attorney Genon Hensley take the owner of 417 West St. to court for not cleaning the property in a timely manner.

A citation had been issued, yet trash and debris remain in the yard. City residents had complained of several eyesores within the city limits at previous city commission meetings and asked that the properties, including the West Street location, be cleaned.

"Everything that needs to be done has been done," Bedford's deputy clerk Rita Davis said. "Next it's court."

Commissioners agreed to pursue a legal remedy should the property not be cleaned by the time Hensley files documents on Friday.

Commissioners also discussed leasing a printer for Bedford City Hall. Commissioner Todd Pollock presented information about leasing printing equipment. The printer used to create bills for the city's sewer services has caused issues because of feeding the paper into the machine, he said.

Each of the paper bills must be manually fed into the printing machine for proper printing. A lease on new equipment would allow the printer to feed paper itself which would save time, Pollock said.

The city currently owns all of the printers, copiers and fax machines in the office, and the city must maintain each of the machines should something happen or go wrong with the equipment. With a lease, the machine - which includes printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities - would be maintained by the company.

"This is going to save a lot of time and money," Pollock said.

The printer lease was tabled until next month's meeting as well so additional information could be researched.

Commissioners also talked about the need for a payment window in the office. They discussed placing a payment window in the door or installing a glass wall with a window inside the city hall office.

"I don't think we need to spend a lot of money on it," Davis said.

The window would limit the amount of traffic at the counter, commissioners said, and the window would also serve as a security feature in the office.

The issue was tabled until next month.

In other business:

• The commissioners agreed to issue automatic bank drafts for monthly payments to Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities. The automatic bank drafts will allow the city to save time, money on postage and the cost of the checks each month.

They also agreed to consolidate the cemetery and community center phone line into one. Currently the cemetery and community center have separate lines at the Morgan Community Center.

• The Dare to Care Food Pantry will be open to residents at 1 p.m. on Thursday at the Morgan Community Center.