Bedford City Commissioners discussed upcoming equipment and structural changes to City Hall during a special meeting on Friday.

Commissioners met with Dave Trosper, a sales representative from Duplicator Sales and Service, Inc. of Louisville, after agreeing to lease a new printer during a meeting on Monday. Mayor Russell Clifton hoped to get a few questions answered before signing off on the contract agreement, he said.

The lease for a printer that will have print, copy, fax and scanning features increased in price a little from the original quote, and Clifton wanted to clear any confusion he and the commissioners had.

Trosper told commissioners they would receive a machine that would be able to print sewer billings, as well as make brochures, newsletter and staple copies during the printing process.

The new printer has a feature for faxing, which could eliminate use of the office's current fax machine. The printer also has wireless capabilities to decrease the amount of wires in the office.

A lease agreement for the printer will be around $120 a month for 60 months. Duplicator Sales and Service, Inc. will provide all of the technology support and maintenance on the machine throughout the lease, but costs for the paper and ink will an additional charge each month, Trosper said.

Under the lease agreement, city officials may choose to receive another printer should newer technology emerge within the next few years.

Several surrounding cities, government entities and churches choose to lease office equipment instead of purchasing the machines, he said, mostly because of the upgrade option. Nearly 70 percent of his business is under a lease agreement, Trosper said.

Commissioners agreed to the lease and signed the documents during the meeting.

Commissioners also addressed the need for a payment window in City Hall for safety and security reasons. Several plans had been discussed during previous meetings, but contractors needed to know the scope of the project before bidding.

"Everybody has different things they want to do," the city's deputy clerk Rita Davis said.

Commissioners asked Davis about options that would be most convenient for workflow. Of the options presented, Davis said closing off a door to the City Hall office and place a payment window in the north wall of the office.

After the discussion, commissioners unanimously agreed to have contractors place bids for costs to take out the door on the north side of the City Hall office, drywall over the area and place a payment window with a counter in the wall.