The Board of Commissioners on Friday awarded eight construction bids as part of a city-county housing rehabilitation.

The project, which is being funded by a $400,000 federal grant, will include 18 properties. The entire rehab project must be completed by November. Once a bid is approved, the contractor has 90 days to finish the renovations at the property.

While the project is a joint effort of the city of Madison and Jefferson County, the county is the lead applicant, making the Board of Commissioners responsible for approving the contracts.

The eight properties were awarded to Pettitt Group and Jackson Construction. There are three properties remaining on the list, but those need to be rebid at a later date.

The contractors and properties approved Friday included: Jackson Construction was awarded a $4,800 bid for 3370 N. Quail Drive; Jackson Construction was awarded a $32,000 bid for 6151 W. State Road 256; Jackson Construction was awarded a $31,700 bid for 2032 Wilson Avenue; Pettitt Group was award a $23,575 bid for 4626 W. County Road 700-N; Pettitt Group was awarded a $31,140 bid for 1541 Oak Hill Drive; Pettitt Group was awarded a $42,960 bid for 2904 Geyman Hill Rd.; Pettitt Group was awarded a $21,400 bid for 826 Montclair St.; and Pettitt Group was awarded a $24,900 bid for 2145 Cragmont St.

Patty Jackson of Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission - the organization administering the grant for the county - also received approval from the commissioners to seek additional grant funding for another rehabilitation project that would mirror their current efforts.

SIRPC used applicants off a waiting list for the current 18 project and frequently receives new applicants.

"Our waiting list for Jefferson County is enormous," Jackson said.

Also at the meeting, Jan Vetrhus, president of the Cornerstone Society, asked the board about the fate of the Wilson Building.

The historic property is owned by the county but currently empty because the probation office has moved to a different location.

Vetrhus reminded the commissioners that the Cornerstone Society was developed in response to preserving the Wilson Building. Cornerstone is currently completing a structure report on the building.

Commission President Mark Cash said the two options are to either sell the property or to physically move the building and use the space for parking.

In other business:

• The commissioners approved a $3,324 bid from Poole Group to fix a broken door at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. The door was damaged during a recent break-in.

• The commissioners approved a $2,000 funding request from the local cable advisory board. There are no county funds earmarked for the board, so the decision is contingent on County Council approval.

• The board approved the purchase of a scanner for the clerk's office in the amount of $1,472.