Ginger Studebaker-Bolinger, Madison Consolidated Schools' superintendent, will be a participant in a 10-day trip to China that is being led by Glenda Ritz, Indiana's state superintendent of public instruction.

The delegation of administrators and educators will leave on Oct. 9.

Bolinger said the group will visit three cities in China, including Shanghai.

"I will also have the opportunity to speak on three different occasions while we are there," Bolinger said. "Actually, the expectation is that we'll speak on a variety of topics while we're in the country."

Topics Bolinger said she might address include teacher evaluations, public school financing, the duties of high school administrators and the American high school.

While in China, Bolinger's group will meet with educators and government officials.

Trip costs will be covered by an innovation grant awarded to the school system last year by the Department of Education - $15,000 of the grant is intended for global travel and study.

Bolinger's trip is expected to use about $3,500 of that grant.

"This is one of many trips that you'll see, either administrators or teachers or both, taking within the next year as we look at the obligation of those grants and are responsible to meeting those obligations."

The Madison Consolidated School Board approved the trip during its meeting Wednesday.

Because of the trip, October's school board meeting, originally scheduled for Oct. 9, will be moved to Oct. 8 at 6:30 p.m.

Also at the meeting, the school board approved three change orders to the Madison Junior High School pool renovation project.

The change orders include new rope anchors that will allow the lane lines to run smoothly along the top of the water. The new rope anchors will cost $2,226. An improved scoreboard is also being added for $16,787 and will include space for both boys and girls home and away teams. The third change order is for new starting platforms that include a feature that starts the race timing system at kickoff. The new platforms will cost $27,755.

"We cannot go back at a later date and update this without damaging the new tile that's been laid," Bolinger said.

The superintendent added that, even with the new change orders, the pool renovations are running below the original bid for the project.

Mike Frasier, director of systems, operations and auxiliary services, said he expects the pool to be filled in approximately two weeks with an opening date scheduled for sometime in September.

In other business:

• The board established the Breakfast and Lunch Assistance Fund. The fund will help pay for breakfast and lunches for in-need students whose parents have fallen behind on school meal payments.

"We need the community to really buy into the fund," Bolinger said.The fund is still being established, but community members will soon be able to donate money to the food services department with a specification that the money go toward the new fund. Judy Brooks is the school's food services director.

• The board also granted permission to advertise the 2014 budget. On Sept. 11, the school board will have a public hearing on the yearly budget, after having advertised the budget on Aug. 23 and 30.

The board will take a vote to adopt the 2014 budget on Oct. 8.