A bond reduction requested by a Madison man was denied Wednesday due to a federal warrant for his deportation.

Hector Emilio Martinez-Santamaria, 26, is being held on allegations of rape and sexual misconduct with a minor. Prosecutor Chad Lewis said Martinez-Santamaria has a warrant for failure to appear to a deportation hearing on an unrelated charge.

If Martinez-Santamaria were able to post bond, he would immediately be taken to a federal holding facility to have a deportation hearing, and the local charges would never close.

Senior Judge Stephen Fleece denied the motion for bond reduction, agreeing with the prosecution. Martinez-Santamaria's bond remains at $100,000 cash.

Lewis said the victim recanted her rape allegation to officers a week after Martinez-Santamaria was arrested, claiming that no force was involved. Lewis said the rape charge will be dismissed, but Martinez-Santamaria will still be charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.