No official word has been released, but it looks as if the Madison-Milton Bridge slide will be toward the end of next week.

The bridge is expected to be closed for seven days during the slide.

Kentucky and Indiana officials are expected to make an announcement Monday.

The Madison Milton Ferry - which is contracted to move emergency vehicles during the bridge closure - has been scheduled to be available for seven days starting Thursday night around midnight.

Phil Mullins of the Madison Milton Ferry said a test run for the ferry will be Thursday afternoon.

In the meantime, an underwater section of an old pier is scheduled to be demolished Tuesday, weather permitting.

The exact time of the blast will be determined the day of the blast. Demolition will require a brief bridge closure of about 10 minutes.

The remaining portion of the former 92-foot-tall pier, which is under water, will be removed using controlled explosives. Following the blast, debris from the pier will be removed from the river bottom using heavy machinery.

An 800-foot safety perimeter will be in effect during the blast, prompting parts of Fillmore Street to be closed temporarily. Walsh Construction will notify all residents affected by the blast. The portion of the old pier above the river's surface was demolished earlier this year.

While three of the original water piers have been strengthened and are being reused, the pier targeted for demolition has been replaced with a new land pier in Madison.