The Carroll County Attorney's Office plans to move this week to new office space in Carrollton.

Carroll County Attorney Nick Marsh announced the office's move from the William L. Wheeler Hall of Justice on Clay Street to shared office space at 115 Fifth St. with the law offices of Monk & Marsh, P.S.C.

The relocation process will take place Thursday and Friday, and phone services might be limited during the move, a news release said.

Marsh said this move will allow greater access to the office's services, as well as himself.

"This decision was made after thoroughly researching the practices and customs of county attorneys in surrounding counties and taking into consideration the fiscal savings that this could potentially bring to the county," Marsh said in the release. "I and my staff will always strive to offer the best service possible to the people of Carroll County, regardless of where our office is located."

The county attorney's office will have limited business during the two days while the office relocates, but full business will resume on Dec. 17.

Anyone making payments for child support, delinquent taxes or cold checks should take the payments to the new location on Thursday and Friday. If phone services should be interrupted during the move, Marsh may be reached at (502) 732-4281.