PROUD GRADUATE: Rebecca Chandler smiles at a classmate as she and the rest of the Class of 2013 lined for the processional at the Carroll County High School graduation  Sunday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/
PROUD GRADUATE: Rebecca Chandler smiles at a classmate as she and the rest of the Class of 2013 lined for the processional at the Carroll County High School graduation Sunday. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie/
Parents, family and friends crowded into the Carroll County High School gymnasium Sunday to watch and cheer on the Class of 2013 as they accepted their diplomas.

Carroll County School officials awarded 128 diplomas this year to the graduates who donned traditional gold and black robes as they entered the school for the last time as high school students.

Kelley Wheeler, student body president, welcomed the senior class and their guests to the ceremony.

"It feels like our lives have been nothing but waiting," Wheeler said, noting they've waited for the first day and last day of school over previous school years, plus prom and powder-puff games.

But the wait for their graduation day is no longer.

"We're on the precipice of life," she said. "We are and forever will be the Class of 2013."

The Carroll County Class of 2013 valedictorian Lyndie Burns said graduation isn't the end, but the beginning for the graduates.

"Today is your day to begin," she said. "Some people wait for a lifetime for a moment like this."

Burns also told graduates that each one of them had differences that would help them throughout their lives as they begin to pursue higher education, go into the workforce or join the military.

"Who's stopping us from being everything we want to be? Nobody but ourselves," she said.

Salutatorian Thomas Hill remembered the moments throughout their school careers from sleeping in classes to procrastination on assignments.

"Most of it we will remember and some of it we will want to forget," Hill said of the graduates' school careers.

Still, those are the memories that made the first 18 years of life for each and every student.

"I wish you all good luck," he said.

Senior Class President Brandon Stewart addressed the class after they received their diplomas, marking the transition from student to alumni.

"It's official," Stewart said. "We made it."

Stewart shared memories throughout the last four years at the high school.

"It seems like only yesterday we were clueless freshmen fighting with the locks on our lockers," he said. "Now we are leaving this school. We've made our mark."

The Class of 2013 broke several school records for sports and earned national honors in cheerleading. The class also earned honors for winning the powder-puff game for three of the last four years and graduated with the most academic achievements the school has ever seen.

"Now we are ready to conquer the world," Stewart said.

The Carroll County High School Class of 2013 graduates include:

Steven Abbott, James Abrams, Amanda Ashcraft, Jordan Bailey, Joana Baquero, Jacob Beach, Victoria Beavers, Zachary Beckham, Devin Bickers, Joie Bieger, Zachary Birch, Savana Bixler, Austin Blankenship, Trey Boles, John Booth, Nathan Brands, Casey Breeden, Caitlyn Burke, Lyndie Burns

Tyler Carrico, Devin Caves, Rebecca Chandler, Sarah Collier, Heather Conner, Timothy Corley, Dillon Craig, Shelby Crawford, Timothy Crutcher, Linda Cruz, Brittany Cunningham, Kristofer Curnutte

William Damron, Brandon Davis, Destanee Denton, Austin Dixon, John Downs, Kevin Downs, Tyshaun Embs, Anastasia England, Taylor Fair, Brandon Franklin, Nora Fremin, Joshua Fryman

Ashley Gentry, Joseph Gibbs, Brandon Gibson, Dallas Gibson, David Granger, Simon Shi Ming Guo, Haley Marie Harmon, Seth Harmon, Megan Harris, Raenah Hawkins, Courtney Hearn, Alyssa Herndon, Andrew Hickey, Thomas Hill, Dylan Hollar, Kaitlyn Holloway, Lauren Holloway, Ariel Hotfil, Kayla Hughes

Lidia Jimenez Luttrell, Devin Jones, Destiny Laws, Alexander Layton, Daniel Lindsay, Dara Maiden, Zachary McBurney, Joshua McCarty, Haley McCormick, Zachary McIntyre

Abigail Melton, Linda Mertz, Kaitlin Metsker, Jordan Mitchell, Nathaniel Moore, Rebekah Moore, Jama Morrison, Elizabeth Mouzakitis, Katelynn Moyers, Tiaunna Mumphrey

Derrick Nickell, Amanda Noe, Megan Oak, Curtis Oliver, Timothy Osborne, Dakota Parks, Pooja Patel, Ashlea Payton, Brittany Phillips, Carla Posas, Jessica Price, Vanessa Purcell

Rene Rabago, Elizabeth Resendis, Heather Reynolds, Casey Riney, Matthew Ritchison, Brad Robbins, Kristiana Robinson, Cody Rodgers, Mary Rose, Christopher Russell

Kaylynn Smisek, Bobby Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Michael Smith, Spencer Snyder, Erin Spradlin, Brandon Stewart, Christianna Stewart, Kyle Supplee, Zachary Sutherland

Kahlah Thompson, Destiny Tingle, David Trimble, Brianna Wainscott, Leeanne Waiz, Haley Walker, Elizabeth Wardrup, Bobby Webb, Heather Westover, Kelley Wheeler, Bryan Whisman, Andrea Williams, Victoria Woods, Keith York.