The Carroll County Fiscal Court denied Sheriff Jamie Kinman's request to hire an additional sheriff's deputy, saying more information was needed from the sheriff.

Carroll County magistrate Floyd Bowling made a motion near the end of the Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday morning to hire an additional deputy, but the motion failed to pass with a 2-2 vote. Magistrate Dean Miller and Judge-Executive Harold "Shorty" Tomlinson voted against the motion.

Tomlinson said the Fiscal Court had already approved the addition of a deputy in the last few years, as well as an additional full-time position in the sheriff's office.

"I just want the sheriff's to justify to me why we need another deputy," Tomlinson said during the meeting. "All I want is a good explanation."

Tomlinson said Kinman hadn't provided data on how another deputy could help fight crime in the area.

Miller asked where the money for an additional deputy would come from and what kind of money a new deputy would cost the county.

Kinman told the court a new deputy would cost about $50,000.

Miller noted that a new deputy would cost more than just an annual salary. He said a new hire would need a vehicle and would most likely need training at the police academy.

Fiscal Court members asked about receiving help from state police or from the city police for interagency cooperation.

Kinman said the city and county departments work together on cases in the city, but the city's jurisdiction does not go into the county. The sheriff also noted that he isn't asking for an additional deputy just because the office is down a deputy due to medical leave at the moment.

He hopes the addition of a deputy would help to curb crime in the county.

"I'm almost 99 percent sure the community is going to be happy with (the addition)," Kinman said.

Tomlinson and Kinman plan to continue discussions a later date.

In other business:

• The county plans to switch providers for emergency medical service uniforms. The county has been sending uniforms to the current provider to be cleaned, but the uniforms aren't being returned.

Logan's Uniform Rental will cost a little less than the previous provider, Tomlinson said, and the uniforms will be able to be cleaned at the station. The uniform provider will still launder uniforms as needed.

• The Fiscal Court approved a motion to not allow the use of lights and sirens when rescue crew members are responding in personal vehicles. The crew members also must obey all traffic laws when responding on a run in their personal vehicles. Tomlinson said the new requirement is in response to the safety of responders and the community.

"I would urge the fire departments to take similar action," Tomlinson said.

• Tomlinson also showed magistrates pictures of the Wheeler Hall of Justice parking lot during a court date earlier this month. The parking lot was overflowing with several vehicles parked in the county's emergency management parking lot and along side streets.

He said the county had asked that the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts purchase land near the Wheeler Hall of Justice to help with the parking issues before. The state had responded that they didn't have funding at the time for property acquisitions.

"I'd like to take one more run at that and see if things changed," he said.

• The Fiscal Court approved the hire and appointment of Gene Clayton as the county's roads supervisor during the meeting.