The Carrollton Police Department had a record-breaking year in 2012 for drug-related arrests as well as collecting prescription drugs through the department's pharmaceutical recovery program.

The city police department made 138 arrests, resulting in 285 drug charges in 2012. The average age of the people arrested was 32, with 75 males and 63 women charged with drug-related activities, a release from the department said.

"In 2012, we opened more drug investigations than any other year," Police Chief Michael Willhoite said in the release. "We made it a priority to investigate these types of crimes because we know the majority of all criminal offenses can be related back to narcotics."

Statistics released by the department for 2012 showed 89 charges for possession or trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree, which includes heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD and other certain pharmaceuticals.

The department showed another 15 charges for possession or trafficking in a controlled substance in the second degree and five charges for possession or trafficking in a controlled substance in the third degree, both of which include pharmaceuticals.

Other statistics show the department issued 46 charges for possession or trafficking in marijuana and 110 charges for possession of drug paraphernalia. Four charges for possession of synthetic marijuana were also issued in 2012.

"We worked closely with the sheriff's office and Kentucky State Police in conducting joint operations that resulted in multiple arrests," Willhoite said in the release. "Narcotics investigations will continue to be a priority for our department."

Even though many people associate drug issues with younger offenders, this year's statistics showed the local narcotics problem isn't limited to one certain age group.

"We found in 2012 that narcotics has pervaded all age groups within our community," he said.

The police department's pharmaceutical recovery program also had a record-breaking year by collecting more than 137,000 pills, 5.5 gallons of liquid medication, 389 inhalers and 262 patches. The drugs collected have a street value of $42,000, Willhoite said in a release.

"In 2012, we collected more pills, liquids and other medications than we have in previous years," he said. "This program has not only been utilized by our local citizens, but we have noticed a lot of addresses from other counties in our area have been using the boxes."

The items were collected throughout the year in drop-off locations at the Carrollton Police Department, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office and the Carroll County Hospital. A mobile box was available for use throughout the community, as well as public events.

"Due to the drug problem that our communities are facing, any medications of abuse that we can remove from people's homes and the streets is a plus," Willhoite said in the release.