The Board of Works on Monday approved having city workers set up barricades and caution tape around a structure that might be demolished.

The property at 403 W. Fourth St., which is owned by Mike Pittman, was going to be renovated after he got permission from the Historic Board.

Pittman originally planned on renovating the building to make a garage, but discovered interior damage that made the structure impossible to renovate. He has a hearing next week with the Historic Board to determine if he can demolish the structure.

Until that time, Pittman, who was represented at the meeting by attorney Josh Hershberger, requested the barricades to ensure people would stay out. Hershberger said there is a school and park close to the property.

In other business, the board approved $3,460.67 and $3,201.67 in adjustments to Super China Buffet and E.O. Muncie Elementary School for leaking pipes that resulted in higher water bills.