Madison City Council Tuesday approved a $150,000 loan from the city’s revolving loan fund to assist a North Vernon company in relocating to Madison.

ProCoat Products Inc., owned by former Southwestern graduate Jamie Messer, has bought out Madison Plating Inc., and will consolidate both operations at 2514 Lanier Drive. The company now employs about eight but Messer has committed to doubling that workforce by December 2022 and will add a large-object flocking line — a process that bonds fiber coatings to metals — in March 2020.

Under terms of the deal, Messer will repay the loan over 10 years at 4.5% interest and agreed to expand his workforce and work with local non-profits for training and hiring.

The company now has contracts to provide powder-coating, zinc and/or electro-plating and flocking to a handful of industries in Madison including SuperATV, which is expanding its own Michigan Road operation to also occupy the former Armor plastics plant site at Clifty and Lanier drives near the site where ProCoating will relocate.

Messer said the first order of business has been to clean up the former Madison Plating production and storage areas by identifying and removing all hazardous materials. He said metal waste from the plating process had been allowed to build up — both in the wastewater containment area and in unmarked metal drums — and he’s hired a Charlestown hazardous waste removal company to pump out, remove, treat and dispose of everything at the site before December 2019.

“We found several issues and are working with a company to address that,” Messer said. “Once we get that done, everything that we generate will be treated on site.”

Councilman Dan Dattilo said he had toured Messer’s plant in North Vernon and was confident that the company will be a good corporate neighbor.

“I toured their company and I was impressed with the small group of people who work there and the product they’re producing,” Dattilo said. “They will be making those products here to serve the businesses that we now have who have to buy those services out of our city.”

Councilman Jan Vetrhus said she appreciates that Madison is landing a business that not only can supply other local businesses but will also address environmental issues associated with the former Madison Metals site.

Madison Utility Manager Brian Jackson said ProCoat Products is one of five local industries that will be impacted by an amendment to city’s wastewater pretreatment ordinance that was adopted earlier in Tuesday’s meeting. The amendment cleaned up language in the ordinance and set limits based on what those industries can discharge into the city’s sewer system after their own on-site pretreatment.

After the council meeting, Messer said he’s glad to be returning to Jefferson County. He said city officials in North Vernon were always supportive and easy to work with but he’s “glad to be coming home” and moving his operation closer to other local companies with which he has forged a business relationship.