The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. (IPEP) announced this week that the City of Madison as a recipient of its 2019 safety grant award. IPEP is partnering with the City of Madison and Greg Goodknight with Gardner Insurance Agency to maximize opportunities to promote a safe work environment and assist with stretching their risk management resources, said news release. The grant funds, which exceeded more than $20,000 total, will be used to purchase safety equipment or safety training programs that will reduce or limit workers’ compensation exposure.

The following City of Madison departments received grant funding to help improve employee safety.

The Wastewater Plant received $8,990.54 for safety gloves/glass, flammable cabinet, fire extinguishers and safety harnesses.

Sewer Collections System received $7,228.38 for hard hats, safety cones, harnesses and barricades.

Stormwater received $2,538.08 for men working signage, traffic signs and spill kits.

The police department received $1,344.51 for needle-proof safety gloves.